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Protecting human health has never been so important. Our air purifiers are a rapid and cost effective way of protecting your workspace. Air purification systems will transform your air quality and transform your teams’ confidence at the same time.

Find out how a QleanAir environment can create substantially better opportunities for your business today.

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how it works

1. air intake
Contaminants and pollutants are forced into the unit's separation filters.
2. separation
Tiny particles and airborne contaminants are captured and removed from your air.
3. expelled air
After purification, the air is released back into the room via a smart airflow system.
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the proof

Still need convincing? Workspaces are where your people, clients, productions and deadlines are all met; and all of equal importance. Time off from sick personal, downtime on equipment maintenance, wasted heating/cooling and energy, bad indoor air quality, and overall well-being of your team are challenges all business face that put on a strain on their economy and workflow. Check out some of the impressive statistics and frequently asked questions below.

todo Controlled indoor air quality is shown to relieve asthma and allergy symptoms. Source: www.epa.gov
todo A healthy indoor air quality is shown to increase office productivity by 10%. Source: Study from the Technical University of Denmark
todo We spend more than 90% of our lives indoors where the air is 2X to 5X more polluted than air outside. Source: www.epa.gov

Why is ventilation not enough?

Ventilation is always the basis for good indoor air and it is sufficient in some environments. Unfortunately, however, it is very common that the ventilation system is not fully functional or sufficiently efficient, especially in older buildings and facilities. The need for supplemental air purification also depends on what is happening in the environment, both outdoors and indoors. With processes and activities that generate high particle content, e.g. In various production and storage environments, it is common for air purification to be added to create a healthy working environment. Investing in air purification will empower you, helping you to protect your people, products and processes.

There are no prices listed. How much does an air cleaner cost?

We offer custom solutions to businesses looking to benefit from cleaning their indoor environment’s air quality. Since every type of area is unique, we don’t have set prices. Our recommendation is to contact us to discuss what type of solution you are looking for (clean the overall air quality, have a sterile area, etc., and how big of an area needs to be cleaned. From there, we can discuss the measure of your air quality and offer you our advice and solutions.

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