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In the design world, office design is increasingly becoming a big deal. Long gone are the days of dull and drab cubicle spaces, with employers realising that creative surroundings can have a direct effect on their employees' creativity. Whether it's a tranquil setting, games area, or amazing design office mural, there's something about new office design offices that is designed to help stir the creative juices.

Undoubtedly, the tech industry have been leaders in this field- Tech aesthetics as we like to call it means that today's offices are not designed as a utilitarian workspace for its workers but as a personalised, curated space that expresses individual identity.

Without a doubt the tech industry has reimagined the office as a vehicle for conveying workers' social and professional prestige. The well-designed office has become as much an accessory to a high-end, high-tech lifestyle as a luxury car or a fashionable outfit

An invitation to a tech office is the industry’s version of an invitation to the home of a new friend or business partner. To be invited to the office symbolises trust and hospitality, a desire to share one’s culture and good fortune, so that when one enters the tech company as a visitor, one expects to be entertained, dined, and acculturated in the values and tastes of the company. At Sheelin Group we understand that this desire to create “tech-aesthetics” is paramount to the successful acquirement and retention of employees along with the desire to share ones culture and values.

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