Donabate and Portrane Library

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Donabate is a small suburban coastal town in Ireland, about 20 km north-northeast of Dublin. The new library was designed to be an innovative and proactive community space that would meet the educational, cultural, and leisure needs of the public.  Our inner nerds jumped at the chance to deliver an inviting and enlightening space, achieved through inspiring design.


Education is as fun as you make it so we wanted to take a fresh and inviting approach to this library, which is located on the first floor of the Donabate Portrane Community and Leisure Centre.  Services provided here include everything from books, CDs and DVDs to wifi access, prints and gaming.  To create a look that sits comfortably with such diverse offerings for people of all ages, we designed a bright and modern space, combining the freshness of white with outbursts of vibrant colour.


This project went through a rigorous public tender process that tested our abilities, standards and experience.  We were delighted to be awarded the contract, which needed to be completed over and eight-week period and in accordance with strict delivery and installation guidelines.

The key challenge was to transform the space and create a visual impression, while also making sure that we maximised functionality in this busy and diverse environment.  We needed people to enjoy the space so much that they would return to it on a regular basis.


The project was delivered on time, on budget and in accorance with the strict delivery and installation guidelines set down by the contracting authority.  Most importantly, our approach resulted in a happy client, a vibrant library space and a satisfied Sheelin Project Team.


Main Contractor: T&I Fitout

Architects: Architect's Department, Fingal County Council


When people think of commercial interiors, offices are usually what come to mind.  At Sheelin Group, however, we thrive on inspiring all types of environments and this public library is a perfect example of how we offer solutions for every space, regardless of the industry or service.

Our dedicated team really immersed themselves in this project and we are extremely proud of the result.  Our design solution was truly progressive for a public space, unifying vibrant design with functionality that allowed all ages and interests to be catered for.  We supplied library shelving, mobile book shelving, all furnishings for the children's area, community tables, workwalls, general loose furnishings and also back office furniture for this highly specialised facility.  We only selected products that had an environmentally friendly status, as creating a healthy environment was a key part of the architect's intentions for this public space.

We continue to support this client, like all others, with a full and proactive aftersales service.  This is central to our reputation as a customer-centric business.


Awarded Fitout Project of the year - 2014

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