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Having been engaged by Comgest Asset Management International in 2010 for the opening of their Irish Headquarters we were delighted 5 years later to be asked to tender and quote again for their expansion and office refit in Dublin

The clients brief was to enhance the use of their existing space while employing new and more efficient ways of working. In conjunction with MCA architects Sheelin were appointed on the loose furniture fit out for their existing office on the 3rd floor and expansion onto the 4th floor .


The fitout for Comgest Asset Management International required a detailed understanding of how the company operated and what they wanted to achieve within their space. The company had grown beyond their expectations and were anxious to ensure that whatever new layout and schemes were employed would work for them in the future. As a result, a modern office fitout layout was approached by MCA while taking into account the needs of the company on a day to day basis. Winding straight desks with multiscreen divides were used to the open plan areas with the introduction of individual work booths and multifunctional breakout areas. A boardroom area to cater for up to 30 people was designed and fitted by Sheelin Group



The project was delivered over a two phased period on a live site and was completed on time and to the full satisfaction of the project team. The project was also completed successfully in accordance with the strict delivery and installation guidelines set down by the contracting authority and while working within the constraints of a live site


  • Architects : MCA

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