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Comgest is an independent, international asset management group with entitles in Paris, Dublin, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, Dusseldorf, Amsterdam and Boston.  We first worked with Comgest in 2011, fitting their offices for the opening of their Irish headquarters, and were delighted to be invited four years later to tender for their office expansion and refit.


Working in conjunction with MCA Architects, Sheelin Group Commercial Interiors was awarded the contract for the loose furniture fitout for Comgest's existing office refit and also their expansion onto an additional floor.  For the refit, the client's brief was to enhance the use of their existing space, whilst also introducing new and more efficient ways of working.


This brief was perfect for us at Sheelin Group as we care deeply about how a space works as well as how a space looks.  The client was keen to create an improved working environment that not only caught up with their unprecedented rate of expansion, but also allowed for further expancion into the future.  This presented us withthe challenge of future proofing as well as maximising the space for current emplyees.


Both phases of this project were successfully completed on time and to the full satisfaction of the project team.  The project was also completed in accordance with the strict delivery and installation guidelines set down by the client, all while working within the constraints of a "live" site.

Even though this project is completed, we still offer Comgest a proactive aftersales service, as we do with all of our clients.  We look forward to working with them for a long time to come as their success continues.



Architects: MCA


At Sheelin, we believe that really getting to know our clients and their working environment is critical to delivering the best possible solutions for their space.  Therefore, we spent time immersing ourselves in Comgest's culture to get a detailed understanding of how the company operated and what they wanted to achieve with the reimagining of their space.

The company had grown beyond their expectations and they were anxious to ensure that whatever new layout and schemes were employed would continue to work for them in the future.  We put a forward-looking focus on all of our suggestions to reassure the client that their space could flex with their continued success.

The approach centred around a modern office layout, making sure to take into consideration the needs of the company on a day-to-day basis.  Winding straight desks with multiscreen divides were used in the open plan areas with the introduction of individual work booths and multifunctional breakout areas.

Our Sheelin solution also included a boardroom area catering for up to 30 people.  This was both designed and fitted by ourselves.

We also made recycling a priority with this project, as we do with all of our ventures.  We are committed to continuously identifying new ways to improve sustainability within our industry.

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