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3Arena is widely recognised as one of the greatest music venues in the world. With a capacity for over 13,500 people, it has elevated the presentation of live music to a completely new level of sophistication in Ireland.  This progressive and globally inspiring venue was the perfect match for our ambitions and creativity here at Sheelin Group Commercial Interiors.


Working directly with the client and their design team, our project brief was to create a modern and vibrant social space for the new VIP area in 3Arena, a space that needed to properly reflect 3's brand values. 


 The stylistic ambition of this project was huge.  To set the scene, Bar Neon and Kaleidoscope is a customised music bar, designed by Bompass and Parr in conjunction with EML Architects.  It opens exclusively to 3 customers and some 20,000 concert-goers are expected to visit the bar each year.

Our brief was to supply, deliver and install all loose furniture requirements for Bar Neon and Kaleidoscope's vibrant new home in Dublin City Centre.  This included seating for the restaurant, lounge and waiting area, as well as bar furniture and loose seating throughout the venue.

This was a brief with a global vision but an extremely tight timeline - we had just six weeks to turn it around.  The location of 3Arena was also extremely challenging in terms of access for deliveries.  In addition, this is a "live venue", meaning that concerts and other performances were ongoing throughout the fitout period.


We believe in energising every single project and our hands-on, "all in" approach deliver a phenomenal interior that matched the ambitious design intentions of Bompass and Parr and EML Architects.  Not only that, but it was delivered on time and to the full satisfaction of the client.  As always, our role didn't end when the project was completed - we have a strong and proactive aftersales relationship with each and every one of our clients.

This project is also a fantastic example of us fulfilling our promise to inspire and provide "solutions for every space".  Our approach and ideas were just as relevaant and transformational here in a modern and vibrant VIP area as they are in executive office spaces.  So remember that whatever your space and whatever its size, we would be delighted to inspire you with a Sheelin Solution.


Contractor: Sonica Fitout

Design Team: Bompass and Parr

Architects: EML Architects


Our solution revolved around being "all in", fully committed and working together as a tight, dedicated team.  From initial concept, we worked extremely closely and collaboratively with the client and architect to provide this prestigious, vibrant and energising environment.  We were uncompromising in our management of both time and deliveries.  This allowed us to stay on top of the additional challenges that came along with fitting out a live venue in a difficult location.

As is part of our ethos, we also thought about the earth while reaching for the stars.  We are advocates for eco-friendly solutions and we gave utmost priority to waste removal and recycling in this project, as we do with every venture.


Awarded the Tourism and Leisure Project of the year in 2015.

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