Lounge Chairs


Kalm is a large, cosy armchair designed by Patrick Norguet in 2015. To give you a warmer and more domestic feel, Artifort now brings Kalm Comfort. Developed with extra soft padding and an exposed stitch work creating a more characterful and comfortable fauteuil.

  • 01 Lounge Chair_Artifort_Kalm_Yellow
  • 02 Lounge Chair_Artifort_Kalm_Blue
  • 03 Lounge Chair_Artifort_Kalm_Purple
  • 04 Lounge Chair_Artifort_Kalm_Wooden leg_Red
  • 05 Lounge Chair_Artifort_Kalm_White Base
  • 06 Lounge Chair_Artifort_Kalm_Orange Base
  • 07 Lounge Chair_Artifort_Kalm_Wooden leg_Yellow

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