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Senso Sofa

Senso sofa system was designed by the design duo Anderssen & Voll. The idea behind the design is a modular sofa system that is flexible, narrow and appeals to informal meetings between people. Senso sofa system takes into account the acoustic challenges you encounter in office environments.

Senso is designed to enable and inhibit interaction and letting the space deside how what interaction you desire. From work zones that require quiet reflextion and working alone to building bigger set ups specifically for great conversations.

The module system stands out in that it is very narrow and offers a large number of modules that provide opportunities for creative solutions. The seat height ensures requirements for universal design met.

Senso is available with a 10 mm cleaning gap between seat and backrest. This is called Senso Café.

In collaboration with Gudbrandsdalen Uldvarefabrikk, we now introduce Senso Patchwork. Finished setups, with finished moodboards, so you can easily create exciting environments. Different colours and different textures provide harmonies in a playful setting.

  • 01_Foraform_Senso_2 Seater_Modular Sofa
  • 02_Foraform_Senso_3 Seater_Modular Sofa_Side Table
  • 03_Foraform_Senso_7 Seater_Modular Sofa
  • 04_Foraform_Senso_Low Back Modular sofa_2 Seater_Laptop Table
  • 05_Foraform_Senso_High Back Modular sofa_2 Seater_Laptop Table
  • 06_Foraform_Senso_High Back Modular sofa_3 Seater
  • 07_Foraform_Senso_High Back Modular sofa_3 Seater
  • 08_Foraform_Senso_Low Back Modular sofa
  • 09_Foraform_Senso_Modular sofa
  • 10_Foraform_Senso_High Back Modular sofa.jpg

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