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Senso Chair

Senso Chair

Senso is designed by the design duo Anderssen & Voll. The idea behind the design is a modular sofa and chair system that is flexible, easyto furnish and appeals to informal meetings between people. Senso sofa system takes into account the acoustic challenges Office environments often have. The module system stands out in that it is very space efficient and has a large number of modules that provide opportunities for creative set-ups. The seat height of the modules ensures that universal design requirements are met. The chassis design for floors, facilitates cleaning.

Senso is available with a 10 mm cleaning gap between seat and backrest. This is called Senso Café.


  • 01_Foraform_Senso Chair_Low Back_Wooden Leg
  • 02_Foraform_Senso Chair_Low Back_Metal Leg
  • 03_Foraform_Senso Chair_High Back_Wooden Leg
  • 04_Foraform_Senso Chair_High Back_Metal Leg
  • 05_Foraform_Senso Chair_Low Back_Metal Leg_Leather Finish
  • 06_Foraform_Senso Chair_High Back_Metal Leg_White
  • 07_Foraform_Senso Chair_
  • 08_Foraform_Senso Chair_Low Back_Metal Leg_Black

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