Q Go

The seat of the Q-Go series is always available in the upholstered version. This can be flipped up and easily front-nested. Q-Go can also be stacked vertically, both with armrests and EU writing tablet. Q-Go Is available with seat and backrest in three versions, that is: IMPP, with upholstered seat and Polypropylene backrest, IM, with upholstered seat and backrest and RETE (mesh). These can be combined always plastic details in black (NE/09), cream (CM/71) and grey (GR/19). Finishes available for the frame are N, CR and VA. Q-Go is available with either four castors or four glides, or with two castors and two glides

  • multipurpose stacking sesta q go 1
  • multipurpose stacking sesta q go 2
  • multipurpose stacking sesta q go 3
  • multipurpose stacking sesta q go 4

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