Designer Chairs


Fjell Chair

Fjell is a conference chair with a sleek outside and a soft inside. The chairs detailing tells a story of quality and classic well constructed soft formal meeting chair. The chair is available in a variety of different bases and different backrest heights. One might say; the lower the back, the more informal space.

  • 01_Foraform_Conference Chair_Fjell_Swivel Base
  • 02_Foraform_Conference Chair_Fjell_Medium back_Caster
  • 03_Foraform_Conference Chair_Fjell_High back_Caster
  • 04_Foraform_Conference Chair_Fjell_Four leg_Black
  • 05_Foraform_Conference Chair_Fjell_Medium back_Caster
  • 06_Foraform_Conference Chair_Fjell_High back_Caster
  • 07_Foraform_Conference Chair_Fjell
  • 08_Foraform_Conference Chair_Fjell
  • 09_Foraform_Conference Chair_Fjell

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