Pod Desks

Cubbi Booth

The Cubbi range is a collection of acoustic booths designed for those moments where personal space is required. Designed to wrap around those who need focused periods of concentration or a day of solo work. Cubbi acoustic booths are a range of free-standing, sound absorbing enclosures, offering visual privacy and reduced noise levels – the perfect escape from a busy environment. Available in two variants – with & without benches. Personalise to suit user requirements with integrated power modules, full cable management and a wide range of fabric options.

  • 01 Pod Desk_Cubbi Booth_Light Blue
  • 02 Pod Desk_Cubbi Booth_Red
  • 03 Pod Desk_Cubbi Booth_ Blue and Grey
  • 04 Pod Desk_Cubbi Booth_Green
  • 05 Pod Desk_Cubbi Booth_Maroon
  • 06 Pod Desk_Cubbi Booth_Red

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