Qlean Air


1. Intake Air – Capturing unwanted substances in indoor air
An odor and particle-free indoor environment can only be achieved if the gas and particles are captur­ed before they can spread to the surrounding area. This is achieved by high air flow leads pollu­tants into the air cleaner separation filters.

2. Separation – Filtering of harmful gases and particles
When you clean the air, it is important to ensure that even the smallest particles are removed. Our patented filter absorbs gases and remove particles present in the air. Regular maintenance and replace­ment / cleaning of filters ensures that this high level of filtration can be guaranteed over time.

3. Exhaust Air – Purified air back into the environment
When the air has been purified of all harmful gases and particles released the clean air back into the room. The air is cleaned even in stand-by mode and the air cleaner works entirely independent of the ventilation.

Technical Specifications

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  • QleanSafe 3D Close up Low res
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