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AirQlean Low Air Purifier

1. Intake air – Capturing unwanted contaminants

The AirQlean Low’s smart air flow encompasses a dual functionality; the first being the ability to force contaminants and pollutants into the unit’s separation filters, while quietly recirculating the room’s air for optimal cleanliness.

2. Separation – Filtering of harmful gases and particles

Through our patented, multi-stage filtration technology, the tiniest of particles and airborne contaminants are captured and removed from your air. Depending on your needs, the AirQlean Low comes with an optional carbon filter specialised for smoking areas and superb for odors, while the standard version is optimal for cleaning indoor workspaces and public environments from airborne contaminants and debris. From the moment of installation, we ensure that we live up to our promises, which includes our instant particle reduction measurements and our lifetime performance guarantee.

3. Expelled air – Purified air back into the environment

After the air has been purified from harmful gases and particles, it is released back into the room through a smart airflow system for optimal circulation.

Technical Specifications

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