Qlean Air

Protecting human health has never been so important.

That’s why we are so proud to announce our new partnership with Qlean Air Scandinavia. When it comes to Air purification, Qlean Air Scandinavia is one of the world’s most inventive companies. Investing in air purification will ensure you can control the quality of the air in your business.

Qlean Air purifiers filter out particles and gases from the air, including dust, viruses, bacteria and tobacco smoke. Think of them as continuous disinfectants, reducing both airborne and surface contaminants. Many traditional ventilation systems don’t achieve this level of purification, especially in older buildings. Our systems are customisable and plug ‘n’ play, making them easy to install as they don’t have to be integrated into your existing A/C system.

Why is ventilation not enough?

Ventilation is always the basis for good indoor air  quality and it is sufficient in some environments. Unfortunately, however, it is very common that the ventilation system is not fully functional or sufficiently efficient, especially in older buildings and facilities. The need for supplemental air purification also depends on what is happening in the environment, both outdoors and indoors. With processes and activities that generate high particle content, e.g. In various production and storage environments, it is common for air purification to be added to create a healthy working environment.

Investing in air purification will empower you, helping you to protect your people, products and processes. Discover more information on our product lines and how they can help your working environment. All our products can be fitted with genuine HEPA 14 filters.

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