Gandia Blasco's latest collection, Solanas, takes its namesake from a beach in Uruguay, where designer Daniel Germani used to spend his childhood summers. A paradise with never-ending sunsets and beaches that disappear into the horizon, the collection encapsulates stylish outdoor living. It's also somewhat of an oxymoron. The perforated detailing evokes a military aesthetic which is then softened by the curved edges and plush cushions.


SOLANAS is made using highly resistant outdoor materials with finishes and fabrics that are resilient to extreme climate conditions. It combines extruded aluminium profiles with the introduction of an innovative ultra-compact surface, Dekton® by Cosentino. The aluminium structure is available in different tones of grey, blue, green and orange combined with several finishes from the different Dekton® collections (pictured in this listing in cement grey and white).

  • 01 Outdoor Dining Table_Solanas
  • 02 Outdoor Dining Table_Solanas_Top View
  • 03 Outdoor Dining Table_Solanas_Gold
  • 04 Outdoor Dining Table_Solanas_Set
  • 05 Outdoor Dining Table_Solanas_White

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