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The anytime office has undoubtedly become a fast growing trend, but a trend that relies on creating alternative spaces for employees and staff to retreat to, communicate in and more importantly create a communal space for bonding. While always an important feature in office design, the concept of having areas to work in, rest in and play in have become of paramount importance in the new ways of working environment.

In the new working environment these places should be seen as an important part of any workplace and those without one could certainly be considered to be missing out. This kind of area is worth more than simply somewhere for people to eat during their break times, these are important spaces for members of staff to relax and socialise in before they head back to their professional duties.

If these spaces are well designed staff can bond over lunch or a game of pool and create a more interesting and professional work environment where employees have friends and not only workmates.

Modern working methods require modern office solutions. Talk to us today about how we can help you create that perfect private workspace and create a private work environment for your space

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