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What do you see when you think of an office? A sea of enclosed spaces or a vast space of non-descript desking, a notice board plastered with outdated memos, a dreary canteen? Chances are, you are picturing the standard work space , whether it is one of those cubicles, a desk out in the open or, for the lucky ones, an actual office.

That type of workplace is alien to a growing number of workers. In industries from technology to finance to sales, non-assigned work spaces — also known mobile platforms and hot desks — are gaining popularity. The appeal of a mobile workspace is clear. Armed with a laptop and a mobile phone, you can work from anywhere. Workplace flexibility and work-life balance are seen as more attractive than financial reward

Employers benefit from these setups, too, both by cutting property costs and by increasing their appeal to younger workers who tend to prefer jobs that let them work anywhere and any time. Offering these employees the chance to shorten or even eradicate their commute is more attractive than simply offering them high salaries. Generation Y are also more likely to stay in a job if they have greater flexibility over where and how much they work

But a traditional office has its advantages. Its workers can have neighbours, for example, and can personalise their space. They know where and with whom they are sitting with everyday. It can provide a sense of community and a predictable structure, which as humans we crave.

Therein lies the challenge for managers and designers seeking more fluid spaces: how can we offer flexibility but keep employees feeling connected and engaged. To create the perfect mobile workspace careful consideration needs to be given to the challenges it poses, the everyday tasks that employees carry out and ensure that all become engaged in process.

Modern working methods require modern office solutions – using intelligent office furniture. Talk to us today about how we can help you create that perfect mobile workspace and create the anytime anywhere office for your space

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