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Technology has pushed us to this point in workplace evolution and is likely to catapult us to the next,” says Tidd. If workplace design has long been based on the notion of a person sitting at a desk, surrounded by equipment, “We’re now at a point where mobility is the default work style. If we’re designing places that encourage us to move, not just so we can collaborate but to keep us healthy, then the desk as we’ve known it may follow the PC to history’s dustbin,” he explains.

As companies put more emphasis on outcomes rather than processes, little is sacred. The ideal “office” is a place of empowerment—where people have wide discretion to choose the spaces, tools, and collaborators they need. How the options are provided and who does the providing are open questions, but organizations that manage to deliver them effectively will have a potent advantage. While technology will drive this, place and people will define the experience

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