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In the past a private working space consisted of 4 walls and a closed door or a high enclosed cubicle space but in todays, modern working environment these antiquated designs no longer work. It’s a well-known fact that work has become more collaborative and as result the design of your working space and the furniture it contains must be conducive not just to collaboration but also to allow area and zones for private working.

However, while modern companies are embracing the open plan workspaces these are not always helpful for employees' occasional need for privacy. A need has arisen to create private working spaces which are acoustically enhanced within the modern working environment. This privacy-encouraging office furniture provide a creative solution that allows businesses to maintain these open spaces while respecting people's need for closeted communication. Privacy-encouraging office furniture will offer a sense of security to people working in open environments. From wall-mounted acoustic phonebooths like Cabanas to isolating mobile desk bubbles such as Mobi, these pieces of furniture ensure that people will never feel like they can't hold confidential conversations or even take a moment to themselves. Acoustic High back sofas like Shelter not only provide a private space to work in but offer a funky office design feature to any working environment. Some people need privacy while they working. With Rondo they can have a private space for themselves. They can work, think, write without any disturbance

Modern working methods require modern office solutions – using acoustically enhanced office furniture. Talk to us today about how we can help you create that perfect private workspace and create a private work environment for your space

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