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As collaboration and fostering innovation becomes the keystone to business success, the office meeting space will always remain a fundamental part of office design. However, there is a growing realisation that the way we meet and how we meet has a fundamental impact on what we produce. Employers are realising that creative surroundings can have a direct effect on their employees' creativity. Whether it's a tranquil setting, games area, or amazing breakout meeting space, there's something about these meeting spaces that is designed to help “stir the creative juices”.

With the rising cost of real estate there is no room in the modern office for “dead space”. The way we meet and why we meet has changed and as such modern office design had adapted to meet these requirements. It is no longer sufficient to provide a large meeting table and meeting chairs that sits empty for most of the day or houses 2-3 employees for a couple of hours - spaces need to be designed and aligned to the requirements of each and every individual company. Write on wall surfaces, integrated technology, cleverly named meeting rooms and atmospheric lighting are key features being used to create innovative meeting rooms. Stand up meeting tables for short quick meetings, soft plush sofas and magnetic writeable glass noticeboards for innovative idea rooms, welcoming, atmospheric lighting for client faced rooms and acoustically enhanced wall panels and sound panels adorn the walls of meeting spaces. These are all the features of newly designed meeting spaces

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