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While in the hospitality industry it has always been desired to have a “warm homely feeling” this has not always been the case in commercial office interiors. However, with workers spending so much time in the office environment why not make the environments more homelier – it makes sense

Popularised by the exposure of the Google offices to mainstream culture, many startups and serious businesses are allowing their workspace to be homely in feel. The austere office design of the past has been replaced with more inviting and warmer features. The introduction of residential style furniture is an interesting trend developing in todays modern work environment. Things such as solid wood desks that look more like dining room tables or lighting that would look more at home are all now key furniture pieces in commercial design. It is believed that a more inspirational or comfortable workplace will help employees feel more creative and motivated. Small nooks with shelves of books, gyms, and even fully stocked bars can be found in new, creative offices. Not all these ideas work for every company or workspace, but implementing these design ideas will make your office feel modern and your employees will work harder and longer for a company that shows they care enough to invest in them

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