Acoustic Pods

Acoustic Room

Create a welcoming, private space designed to offer acoustic comfort and easier concentration, for a phone call, a conversation or a meeting. With a single, complete range of solutions, conceived to fit into a wide variety of different settings.

Creating a meeting room in an open-plan space is simple with Acoustic Room. The extra large module can easily accommodate a table for several people, complete with all furniture and multimedia technology. The walls, in glass or sound-absorbent 4akustik, ensure excellent acoustics.

With its generous dimensions, this module offers the possibility to create spaces to be used by different people and for a range of purposes, separated from the surrounding environment, but still cheerful and welcoming.
The outer walls of Acoustic Rooms can be customised with magnetic whiteboard panels.

A temporary work station complete with desk, a smart room for videoconferencing, or a break area with a high table and stools: Acoustic Room is suitable for a vast range of different uses, with excellent liveability and acoustic comfort inside.

A snug and comfortable “box in box” for making phone calls or organizing a confidential meeting, with a peninsula table that can be used standing or sitting. It will fit into any space without creating visual barriers.

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