Integrated Technology Furniture

Turning Talks

A place to meet and talk, a working environment, a combination of ideas and creative solutions – that’s Turning Talks. This brainstorming spot gets enthusiastic reactions wherever it is, inviting you to explore new angles. This is an exceptional design in which the new way of working blends seamlessly into the new way of living – developing talent through connection, experience, meeting, enjoyment and flexibility.

Turning Talks can be used as a more closed unit, or very open. The choice is yours. Turning Talks features three swivelling tables. It also comes with low and high walls – or a combination – so that you can always choose between focus and open space. If you want extra inspiration, then just turn Talking Talks towards the view you want. And thanks to the platform, that’s very easy.

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  • turning talks 2
  • turning talks 3

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