High Back Seating

1st Class

On the way to your objective, you should enjoy the journey. Who and what do you meet with? What do you want to achieve? Where do you feel comfortable? Many answers concern your surroundings – where you are, what your intentions are, how you can work.

1st Class enables you to create your own environment. As a place to lounge, a divider, an individual waiting sofa or linked in a row. Open or focused on the surroundings. If you want to discuss, or simply to chat, you can quickly create your own room by simply placing two elements opposite each other. The matching ceiling with lighting accentuates the space and improves the acoustics.

Thanks to its slim frame and taut upholstery, the 1st Class remains elegant and airy. This luxurious divider-lounge sofa is extremely comfortable, has padded walls and is available in various colours and combinations.

  • first class sofa 2
  • first class sofa 1
  • first class sofa 3
  • first class sofa 4
  • first class sofa 5
  • first class sofa 6
  • first class sofa 7
  • first class sofa 8

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