Focus Workspaces


Change the dynamics of the working environment in a single step. From hectic to peaceful, from broadly focused to relaxed. In the new way of working, people look for places where they can reflect uninterrupted or where a quiet discussion is possible.

Thanks to its various shapes and possibilities, Rondo can create these indivi- dual workplaces, meeting corners and free-and-easy presentation areas. Allowing you to lay out an open office or room entirely to your wishes. Without sacrificing openness.

From single workplace to a brainstorming area with screen and speakers. And from a two-seater to a telephone booth. All the elements have friendly rounded lines. Combined with its cheerful colours, Rondo stimulates creativeness. This is a place where you want to work.

  • 01 Pod Desk_Rando_Single Desk
  • 02 Pod Desk_Rando_Curved layout
  • 03 Pod Desk_Rando_Curved layout
  • 04 Pod Desk_Rando_Curved layout_Red
  • 06 Pod Desk_Rando_Single Desk_Pink

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