Breakout Lounge Chairs


Camp Armchair

Camp is an armchair for social spaces and waiting areas. The chair is composed of few, but distinct elements: two soft pillows are suspended in an enclosing armrest. The tension between the rectangular cushions and the armrest is the very signature of the chair. The chair has two different seat back heights, so the chair can offer different degrees of comfort and intimacy. This is not a chair you sit on, but a chair you sit down in and into.

  • 01_Foraform_Armchair_Camp_Black  Frame
  • 02_Foraform_Armchair_Camp_Black  Frame
  • 03_Foraform_Armchair_Camp_Black  Frame
  • 04_Foraform_Armchair_Camp_High Back_Black  Frame
  • 06_Foraform_Armchair_Camp_Black  Frame
  • 05_Foraform_Armchair_Camp_Black  Frame_Leather Finish
  • 07_Foraform_Armchair_Camp_Black  Frame
  • 08_Foraform_Armchair_Camp_Black  Frame_Leather Finish

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