Breakout Lounge Chairs

500 Series

F585 Lounge Chair on a Swivel Base

Design: Geoffrey Harcourt RDI

This variation on the F 510 - F 511 evokes feelings of nostalgia while, at the same time, looking entirely modern. A beautiful antithesis that invites you to make yourself comfortable in the chair’s soft embrace. Warm, comfortable and decidedly pleasant.

Available in two versions. Low chair (F 584) or high chair (F 585).

Thin upholstery with profile. Disc is delivered standard with plastic ring at the undersite.

  • 500 series 1
  • 500 series 2
  • 500 series 3
  • 500 series 4
  • 500 series 5
  • 500 series 6
  • 500 series 7

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