Nest System High

The purpose of the Nest System table is to create a sense of community around a table in a similar fashion we often gather in a break out space. This modular table system represents something different within the public space, standing tall, like a landmark of common ground. There is a presence of particularity, of detailed experience in the table. The table is twisting, turning and moving in different directions, but the symbolism of everyone sitting together is powerful today, even if we need more space and flexibility.As a matter of resilience, this table system is responsive to change, providing the ability to scale up and down, using a simple architectural configuration or modular refresh.

  • 7.PlusHalle System table collaborative table
  • 2. High table  office high table collaboration
  • 3. plus halle   high office table system table  meeting table
  • 4. Nest high meeting table  office table  boardroom table  modular table
  • 5. Plus Halle Ireland dealer breakout table
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