Whether in an office, canteen, conservatory or waiting room, Cheek feels at home everywhere. A distinctive table where everyone feels at their best. Whether they’re waiting, eating, reading or working.

Need a long table? Then just link them cheek to cheek to easily get the right length. Cheek can be beautifully combined with sofas or separate stools for a playful effect. And as a high table, it’s an asset for any space.

Everything is exactly in the right proportions: from materials to finish and from design to practicality. It’s beautifully simple. Sober and sturdy in laminate or veneer. With straight lines, mitred corners and closed ends for volume.

Cheek is available in various colours. It’s cheerful and exuberant, restrained and business-like, warm and accessible. And combining different colours gives Cheek a unique, individual style.

  • cheek meeting table 1
  • cheek meeting table 2
  • cheek meeting table 3
  • cheek meeting table 4
  • cheek meeting table 5
  • cheek meeting table 6
  • cheek meeting table 7

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