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Our mission has always been to create solutions for every space. This seems more relevant now than ever. When we all emerge from this unusual time, we’ll be in an entirely different headspace. We’ll need to create more physical space from each other to work safely, and we’ll need to be mindful of how we’ve all been affected mentally and emotionally.

But what are our future work spaces going to look like? What can you do to create safe environments for your team so that they’ll feel comfortable coming back to the workplace? Will some people continue to work from home?

There are so many questions! So we’ve put our thinking caps on to come up with some ideas and first steps. We all need to make use of this time to plan ahead – our plan is to extend our product lines and services to help you adjust as best you can.


The clean air challenge – NEW!

Air purification is going to become more and more relevant for employers in the aftermath of Covid-19. People will be nervous to come back to the workplace, and we need to help restore their confidence through proactive health measures. It’s easy to reduce the sharing of IT, stationery and space, but shared air is a bigger challenge. Bacteria, viruses, dust, allergens and harmful particles can be breathed in from poor quality air. Air purification is no longer something just for hospitals to be concerned with – plug ‘n’ play solutions for workplaces, schools and colleges are the future.


The Exclusive Sheelin Solution

Protecting human health has never been so important. That’s why we’re so proud to announce our new partnership with Qlean Air Scandinavia.

Their air purification systems will transform your air quality, transforming your teams’ confidence at the same time.

                                  Sheelin Group Commercial Interiors QleanAir Partnership

Qlean Air purifiers filter out particles and gases from the air, including dust, viruses, bacteria and tobacco smoke. Think of them as continuous disinfectants, reducing both airborne and surface contaminants. Many traditional ventilation systems don’t achieve this level of purification, especially in older buildings. Our systems are plug ‘n’ play, making them easy to install as they don’t have to be integrated into your existing A/C system.

                           Sheelin Group Commercial Interiors QleanAir Partnership               Sheelin Group Commercial Interiors QleanAir Partnership


Investing in air purification will empower you, helping you to protect your people, products and processes.  

Contact us today for more information or a quote on this exciting new service or read more about our new Qlean Air product range here.


The social distancing challenge

It certainly looks like social distancing is here to stay for the foreseeable future, so we all need to think of new ways to make our office spaces work. Over the last few years, the very same open plan offices that have transformed how we work, now create particular challenges.


The Sheelin Solution 

To make social distancing possible, you need to first assess your space. Here are some useful questions to ask: 

  • Can our staff work at a safe distance from each other?
  • Do I need to look at reorganising my workplace?
  • Can I separate my desk spaces to allow for safe distances?
  • Can I reorganise my meeting rooms to accommodate an overflow of staff?
  • Can I use my meeting rooms/townhall spaces safely?


We’ve already engaged with many of you on future space planning. If you’d like to chat in more detail, we’d be delighted to offer you a free consultation call. This will allow us to discuss and investigate options that will work for you as you try to maintain social distancing within your current space.

Sheelin Group Commercial Interiors QleanAir Partnership


What if I need extra office furniture to make social distancing work? 

We’ve increased our warehouse stock so that there’s no international shipping delay, allowing us to reduce the start-up time for you and your employees. 

For those involved in essential services, we’ve already begun installing solutions for these new ways of working. For everyone else, we can help you plan now and deliver to you as soon as restrictions are lifted. 

Contact us today if you’d like to book in for a free social distancing consultation call. 
                       Sheelin Group Commercial Interiors QleanAir Partnership              Sheelin Group Commercial Interiors QleanAir Partnership


The home office challenge

Temporary home working solutions are fine for the short term, but the longer this situation goes on, the more employers will need to make sure they can offer proper ergonomic options to their teams. Even when we all start going back to our workplaces, working from home may need to continue for some if work space doesn’t allow for adequate social distancing.


The Sheelin Solution

We’ve stocked up our warehouse to ensure that you have immediate access to certified office desking and chairs, as well as ergonomic solutions like laptop stands and monitor risers. All of these items can help your staff work safely while they stay safe at home. 

Sheelin Group Commercial Interiors QleanAir Partnership


All items are available for delivery throughout Ireland. Contact us if you’d like further information and prices.


The practical stuff

Here’s what we can and can’t do for you right now:

If your work involves essential services, we can offer both restricted delivery and installations to help you in your efforts. 

If your work doesn’t involve essential services and you’re an individual or business working from home, we can deliver office products to you. Callouts are only available on an emergency basis. 

We’re also taking bookings now for when we reopen – these will be on a first come, first served basis. Rest assured that when the time comes, we’ll be following strict protocols and all health authority/government guidelines in each of the countries we operate in (Ireland, the UK and France).


Let us know if we can help you with anything else! 

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