IF Universal Design Award 2015

  • LACROSSE 2 cropped
  • LACROSSE I_1 cropped
  • Lacrosse folding table cropped

Casala’s Lacrosse folding table recently received an IF Universal Design Award 2015 in the "Expert Favorite 2015" category. The jury decided to award Lacrosse due to its very logical usage and the variability of the design and formats. The logistic possibilities, storage and transport solutions were also a big plus for the jury to award Lacrosse.

Of 100 international applications amongst Germany, Japan, The Netherlands, Thailand, Belgium and Denmark, 72 entries participated at the jury discussion during Munich Creative Business Week which takes place from 21st February to 1st March 2015.

The Universal Design Expert jury consisted of five prominent product designers who have collected several international design awards over the last decades. The criteria the expert judges used included: broad, flexible, simple and intuitive use, error tolerance and safety, marketability and market potential, feasibility and degree of innovation, sustainability and environmental compatibility.

Contact us at Sheelin Group for more information on Casala and Lacrosse – 00353 41 9831667 - info@sheelinoffice.ie

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